California to MD; 2800 miles!

Monday the 18th was the D day; departure was delayed due to wiring issues…errr and late packing on my part! 1:50 pm finally on the road.
This left me in Needles, Ca for my first overnight stay, but before I got there I had my hopefully scariest moment of the trip. The “needs fuel desparetely” light had come on in the middle of the desert with no fuel in sight. 33 miles Bubba had to drive on pure hope of diesel, so when I finally came across the “Oasis” (this isn’t even sarcasm, they actually named this station that) I was happy to pay OVER $3.00 a gallon so Bubba could carry me along to a hotel!

TUESDAY I set out ready to drive and hopefully get myself out of California… just to get a call from the trailers owner saying I was going to wear out the bolts unless I found someone to get the air compressor to work. SOoooooooooo Flagstaff, AZ turned out to be a great place to get RV help. Some nice boys at a shop called “Bubba’s” rigged up a fuse for me and then enjoyed watching me back up the “Big Rig” to get out of their forest filled RV shop. Hmmmph. Oh and so this fuse is supposed to be removed each evening so it doesn’t run out the battery, well I continue to get shocked upon removing and re-entering this fuse, so next time you see me if all my hair is standing on end you’ll know why!
Sleep location… Santa Rosa, NM

WEDNESDAY a fairly uneventful day; lots of driving. I did however think that Bubba and his Pegasus deserved a bath after their 7+ month hibernation. This bath took place in NM and apparently the truck washers there don’t have the sense of urgency that the Ca washers do…
sleep local; Sallisaw, OK

Any ideas on the fuse issue, feel free to call!