Charly and I got set-up today at the Fair Hill International Three Day Event; Charly had “In-Barn” inspections first thing this morning, then a light ride to get used to the atmosphere around his dressage court, and last but not least had his “Trot-Up”.

This is by far the most impressive “scene” that Charly and I have ever been part of, everything is top-notch. We are competing amongst 80+ of the best horses and riders at this level in the entire country. After the trot-ups I had some time to walk around the cross country course for the first time, it was absolutely magnificent. The course has been built by Derek DiGrazia, who has presented us with a fair yet very challenging course. 9 minutes of galloping and jumping. Needless to say when Charly sprung to life today in his trot ups, I was very happy and not the least bit up-set! Thursday at 2:21 is our dressage test.