Hold on, let me take a moment to compose myself and hold back the tears… Tux has sold.

But these are happy tears – because he is going to a WONDERFUL new home. As always, it’s hard to see them go, I mean they are family – I see their hungry faces every night at night check. Maddie, Hannah and Robin make them glisten everyday and Kara makes sure every one is happy, well-fed and has all four legs. Lastly, Molly creates a bond through training and competing these horses. So when one leaves, everyone feels a little sad.

But as I say in every post of this nature, that tinge of sadness is always replaced with happiness and excitement for our past Havarah team members. They are moving onto wonderful futures with wonderful people – we are truly grateful that we have managed to sell our horses to such great homes.

The new fabulous home is in Malibu, CA – come on Tux really? Jealous. Like these Irish Connemara’s really need to sunbath – apparently Tux and Archie had a discussion about enjoying the finer things in life.

Tux flew out yesterday via FedEx accompanied by a handsome stud (he’s a stallion) from Hilltop farm who also decided to leave the East and move out West.

He arrived in the hands of Ofer Shepher, his new owner. He apparently went on his first trail ride today and was on the buckle like such a gentleman.

Ofer trains with Michelle Emermann, an advanced level event rider who also spent some time in Europe. She’ll watch over and train the pair, hopefully eventing Tux herself at a few events.

Ofer and Michelle spent an entire weekend with us at Principia and are truly wonderful people. They really care about their horses and Molly is so excited our little boy is in such good hands.

“It’s exciting to develop these horses out here where we are lucky enough to have lots of natural schooling opportunities so that they are ready to have good fun lives with their new owners,” Molly said.

We all feel the same way. We all get a sense of pride when we watch these horses develop. It’s like watching your children grow up and mature in school, but it is so rewarding to send them off to college.

Tux will have a very successful eventing career on the Wast Coast and will be well-loved we are sure.

Now, on to develop more great Connemara’s and eventing horses for you and your friends!

For more information on sale horses visit Molly’s Website and email her at molly@mollyrosin.com.

Molly Gasiewicz