There has been so much going on here and every night as I crawl into bed I feel bad about not having up-dated my blogsite!

The Havarah crew has recently grown here in AIken- we have been having a great time with Barb Strang and John Nunn here getting in some spring training AND yesterday Quinn Anderson (owner of Sprite- the Palomino wonder pony) arrived to spend her spring break in sunny Aiken with us and her mount. MJ, Hannah and Maddie have survived the whole trip with me- and I have to say their riding is looking way way better. MJ heads out for her first east coast Preliminary this weekend- fingers crossed for her! Hannah and her mare will be starting their competitions together at home, but are doing great and Maddie will be rockin the Jr training division in Area II.

So if you haven’t already seen our crew of horses- check us out at Pine Top this coming weekend and Southern Pines the following.

The three Conemarra/selle Francais/tb/Canadaian Hunter horses I have in to sell are doing great and will be at their first novice this weekend.

Today we took 12 horses over to Highfields to do some show jump course practice. This is the 2nd trip we’ve made and I can’t believe the confidence it has given me, my horses and my students. I’ve realized that I don’t ride enought show jump courses and am therefore too anxious in the show ring. By practicing with courses I’ve figured out some really good personal strategies and methods that I hope will help my competition riding.

Tomorrow we’ll do flat work at the farm, Friday xc schooling at Full Gallop, Saturday and Sunday will be Pine Top. THEN Monday we pack up 11 horses to head back to PA while I keep 4 here for one more week!

As much fun as we’re all having here I’m excited to see the rest of my students back in MD and PA and ALSO California!!

Til next time…