No need to introduce The Diesel Boy, he’s been a front and center part of the MKE program for 10 years!  Bred by local breeder Bonnie LaMonte and sourced by Kirkwood horseman extroidanaire, Roddy Strang MKE has enjoyed every minute with this very special horse and making this decision to sell him was not an easy one.

The Diesel Boy and I took many adventures together; we danced in the sand boxes, we ran across a lot of great land jumping the BIG jumps, popped up over the colored sticks and then would come home to enjoy the peaceful countryside together.  I couldn’t have asked for a kinder more eager to please horse and friend.

When Karli and Leto had their first few rides I knew it was the right next step for Leto.  Then I heard that Leto was going to get to have his very own pony friend …. suddenly this really sounded like a great idea! Last week The Diesel Boy (Leto) traveled to his new home in GA with his new owner Karli Wright. I am so excited to hear about all of the fun adventures to come for the Wright family and Leto.  Thank you Jill Henneberg for helping and making this such a great experience for everyone.

Lastly I want to thank all of the people and companies that were part of mine and Leto’s last 10 years.  My  husband was the one that encouraged me to purchase Leto and was our biggest fan and always so impressed with Leto’s excitement for xc.  Then there were all of Leto’s “lady” friends that he convinced to feed him endless treats and give him lots of extra TLC. Our vet Dr. Anderson and farrier Steve Teichman were the backbone of the program – Leto ran around the Fair Hill FEI CCI ** (now ***) three years in a row clean and sound – thats impressive and has so much to do with these two very caring, educated and astute individuals. Leto and I were lucky to have some great sponsorship from CWD, Ecogold, Charles Owen, Triple Crown, Omega Alpha and Meadow Woods Magna Wave. They all helped us stay on our game keeping him healthy from the inside out, comfortable in his tack and safe in our equipment.

Wishing Karli and Leto the best of times!