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The Diesel Boy and Molly Kinnamon at the Fair Hill International CCI 2 * October 2016 – Dress – XC – SJ


On behalf of The Diesel Boy and myself I wanted to share some of great moments we had at the 2016 CCI 2* in the Fair Hill International last week.  I have now had the honor of riding this special horse for the last 6 years and he is truly family to me.  I had so much confidence going into each phase at the FHI, much because of the partnership that has been created between The Diesel Boy and myself. A very wise man reminded me a few weeks ago that the most important thing we can have is trust in our horse and the our horse trusting us. All the time spent developing this was well worth it, there wasn’t a horse I would have rather been on than my Diesel Boy!

In 2015 The Diesel Boy and I completed the CCI 2* at Fair Hill- but we did so out of his pure joy and excitement for the sport.  This year I had a knowledgeable partner; still eager and agile yet now he’s confirmed at the level in his mind and his body. We had a nearly flawless XC trip until something odd happened at the last fence, but nonetheless with Leto’s cat like reflexes this didn’t hinder us from crossing the flags and THEN jumping a double clear on Sunday!

I plan to let The Diesel Boy have a little R&R and brainstorm with my coaches to create some goals for the 2017 season… and beyond!-hopefully if all goes well we’ll be seeing some blue numbers in our future!  

Many thanks to the team behind The Diesel Boy and I – including but not limited to

  • The DZL Syndicate members; Ron and Densey Juvonen and Robyn Weaver. Coaches
  • Phillip Dutton, Lauren Sammis, and Richard Pickens.
  • The best ever equine health team of EVC- Dr. Kathy Anderson and Chuck Arensburg AND CCFA headed by Steve Teachman.
  • The great barn manager Katie Mays.
  • Support crew/carrot deliveries etc – Sabine, Dr. Steve B., Betsy and my great hubs Bryce.
  • THE SPONSORS THAT MAKE THIS POSSIBLE! Nunn Finer – Triple Crown- CWD- Charles Owens- Ecogold – Kerrits – Omega Alpha



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