WE HAVE A HOME 🙂 the best part is so does Mr Quigles!!!! Our new home away from home is a quaint little apartment in a three plex that is adjacent to a playground, on a street named “Jethro” and seems to have many “Jethro’s” that hang out on their front porches, AND it has a lovely back yard that hopefully one day will have a fence for our handsome pup.

This has been a truely stellar week, in addition to the home find, we also found a great “beach” that is truely just down the road, a fun little crab house hang-out, discovered that we have talents outside of riding (WAKEBOARDING 🙂 ), and the ponies had an incredibly diverse week with a cross country school on Tuesday a dressage show on Saturday and a light gallop on Sunday (of course a bit of training in-between!)

Rosella and Asia have both quickly aquainted themselves with the roads, I myself continue to just be shoffered around by one of them… and admittedly am a bit nervous about when that ends! This place is confusing, no square blocks like where I grew up at!!!

So at the end of my first complete week of re-riding on Charly I can honestly say he’s a changed man (and most definitely for the better). First of all you can rest your hand on his head, way cool; secondly if you correctly put a spur in his side (I say correctly b/c I still have a bad habit of not doing correctly, but I’m working on it…) he not only moves away, but he jumps away while asking how high, thirdly the horse is now more forward thinking that I on the cross country course…so I’m ALSO working on fixing that, fourthly the man can freakin RUN… yes you guessed it I am ALSO working on keeping up with that!!!! 🙂 I am happy to report that it is not only me that has things to work on, he isn’t perfect (yet) (I suppose if I had given Danny another two weeks of fixing him he might have been), Charles (aka Chuck or Chuck-A-Doodle as I foundly call him) needs to work on a rounder frame in his gallop, best described as more like a TB less like a fancy show jumper…hehehe So basically he has one huge lesson left and I have many… 🙂 The real test is how quick of a learner am I really…Charly had four months, I only have a few more weeks….then we are off to Millbrook, NY for our first outing back out. I know lots of you have been anxiously awaiting a schedule; I’m going to list what I know of so far, however the schedule for Charly and I will be more complete after our first run at Millbrook.

August 6th- “OLNEY HT” – Malibu and Molly/Lance and Molly/Gem Lion and Asia
August 11-13th- “MILLBROOK HT”- Discover the Power and Danny AND Charly and Molly
August 19-20th- “WAREDECA HT”-Makers Mark, Malibu, Charly with Molly ; Gem and NZ Swag with Asia; Lance and Rosella …. plus Danny’s entire crew
September shows will be decided here shortly but I think it will be as follows…
September 9-10th- “SENECA VALLEY HT”-
September 20-24th- “AEC’s”-

Well I’m off to give it a shot at being domestic…We’ve got to make this house on Jethro a home