I will remember this day forever. Charly and I have now completed our first CCI ** together; we did it at one of the best and toughest events in the world. This event is truly spectacular, I had a moment this morning (in between my 5 times of walking the show jumping course) to stop and look around at the beauty of this grand event.

Charly was light on his feet and very handsome for his final jog and the excitement kept rising for our ride to come. The course was one of the toughest tracks I have seen, big, long, and very well presented. Charly was at the very end of the two star, Boyd and I went over the “game plan” and then had some time to watch the earlier riders. Boyd’s coach, Phillip Dutton, was also kind enough to discuss with me the way the course was riding and go over some course strategies. I felt very well prepared and knew that Charly was up for the challenge.

When Charly and I entered the arena the entire crowd was silent, the announcer started saying a bunch of stuff but I didn’t hear any of it, I think I was seriously in my own world…. slightly focused! The rest is history, and I’m trying hard to leave it at that. Charly jumped great and we had one slightly off fence, a light rub of a pole and our CCI ** win vanished. It was really very heartbreaking. I think the world of this horse and was so excited to help get him this win. Charly still got to go in and accept a few ribbons, so I think he still feels like a winner; people might think I’m crazy, but I know that Charly understands he has done well when he gets to do the victory gallop. Charly received a blue for the best conditioned horse, a blue for the best dressage score and a white (4th) for the over-all placing in the CCI **.

I’d like to thank all of you that have been following us through this exciting weekend; Also a huge thanks to Silva, Boyd and Phillip for all of their great advice and endless support; and last but not least my support crew ….. you guys are the best!!!!