Comes a time in every eventers life where we learn to enjoy a few non horse show weekends.  I’ve taken on trying to adapt a few of these weekends into the summer months.  I love competing and training, but when it’s this hot it’s nice to give the horses a little break and get our minds refreshed as well.

The upper level horses have stayed in work but have really lightened up their competition and fitness load to just take it easy on the hard ground pounding.  They are now going to begin to gear up for the big fall competitions starting first with a fun run at the MD Loch Moy event in July.

The youngsters enjoy this time in the limelight to get some well deserved attention and this weekend we will be taking them over to the NJ horse park- this is one of my favorite venues; nice arenas with good footing and friendly staff!

The farm here at Principia Stables is really looking great.  Our jump area gets more and more exciting all the time, I’m becoming addicted to jumps (I feel I need more and more!!).  It’s fun creating and designing things to help my students and the horses understand the questions that will be asked of them as they move up the levels. 

Big shout out and thank you to Steve Parisan who builds a lot of these jumps and keeps the fields ready to be galloped on AND a big thank you to John Nunn for the long term loan of much of his equipment.

See many of you in New Jersey!