If this is how the show season is starting off, I’d say it’s going to be a pretty dang good winter season!

First show, two entries, and… two wins!

Molly won on Kynynmont Indelibly Irish, owned by Pam Liddell Kynynmont Connemaras, and her her own Diesel Boy from Bonnie Lymont at Novice.

It was a perfect outing. Indie finished on his dressage score of 27 and Leto on a 24.8. Two phenomenal scores!

“Leto was just a little superstar!” said Hannah Metz. “You can really tell how much he’s growing up.” True statement as he’s only five…

Surprisingly Hannah, miss groom/show superstar, was a bit nervous for her first show since the end of the 2011 season. She admits she has a wee bit of anxiety around forgetting things/equipment they might need for the show.

But now that she has gotten the first one over with, she’s rockin’ and ready to go for the next show (which could very well escalate from two to eight or so horses!).

All of the girls so far are singing the same tune. They love Aiken (I know… hard to fathom…), love the facility, love the weather, love the work… do we sense a common theme here?

“It feels like it’s been one long day – in a good way!” said Hannah when describing how she can’t believe a week has already passed.

Hannah and her mount Zhen will compete for their first time in Aiken at Paradise Farm beginner novice. Then they will decide if they should move up to novice. Though she admits – for herself, she can only comprehend one show at a time as there is so much more to think about in Aiken!

The Havarah crew will be attending a local jumper show this weekend, so stay tuned for those updates!