I’ve been waiting and waiting and it finally happened! Last week we had our first snow flurries and it was soooo pretty 🙂 Then this week we actually had enough that it made the ground white; Mark didn’t like it very much, he thought his world was captivated by ghoasts… however I don’t think I’ve ever seen Quiggley happier, he played ALL DAY! Charly just continues to terrorize all his pasturemates and destroy as many of his clothes as he can, if I do have children I think I’ll request a girl! Supposedly the next few days are going to be COLD and produce “measurable” amounts of snow; we’ll see how excited I am after that!
Oddly enough I still give California huge props for the snow skiing/snowboarding areas… I had my first trip on Sunday and I did have a great time HOWEVER it was nothing like the slopes at home.