We had four horses travel to Seneca Valley Pony Club HT yesterday: Ankhe, Benny, Rivan and Indie. This was Indie’s first training and though he didn’t bring home a ribbon he put in a great performance.

Benny brought home 6th in training as well and the other two put in solid tests.

Mostly I wanted to write a delayed welcome to Sophie and Andrew Hulme! The Hulmes are the wonderful owners of Principia Stables. They arrived last Monday and will be hanging around for another week!

Currently based out of California, Sophie rides with Dayna Lynd-Pugh and just finished 1st at Woodside on her Irish mare, Bally Quick Coin (Georgina).

Sophie has been spending her “vacation” riding with Molly and lending a hand as a Havarah groom. She easily fits into the Havarah team with her upbeat, positive attitude. You can tell a true horse girl when she goes on vacation and gets herself set up with work!

With each visit from the Hulmes it’s hard not to start salivating when doing night check while Sophie’s father, Andrew, is cooking up something delicious.

Being from across the pond, Andrew grew up with an amazing pallet which ends up spoiling working students like myself with pork ribs that have been smoked for four hours, marinated in an asian marinade for two, then baked for another two hours. YUM!

To the Hulmes: we enjoy your company immensely and look forward to all of your visits!

Baby Leto and Hope are at Seneca today competing beginner novice. Touch back to see how they did!