Today’s profile is Sabrina, a.k.a “Wonder Woman” a.k.a. “The Super Model”.

Those of you who know this mare know that her ideal lifestyle would be to reside in a plush stall, overflowing with the finest of shavings (probably equivalent to a person who loves high thread-count Egyptian Cotton sheets) and be turned out in the lushest of pastures with a perfect patch for sunbathing. She would only be disturbed to have baby oil put on her nose and polish on her hooves for a photo shoot.

That’s right. People legitimately come to our farm to shoot product, they take one look at Sabrina and all 25 other horses are no good – she is the only one they want to photograph.

Check out her picture modeling the Nunn Finer Brentina Bridle at Bit of Britain (and many other’s that’s just my favorite).

Despite being beautiful, Sabrina is also talented.

She’s a 2002 Selle Francais out of Cor De Le Bryere breeding. Sabrina is owned by Alex Robertson and Molly Rosin and is currently competing at the one-star level with hopes of moving up to Intermediate soon!

Sabrina is one of those horses that just keeps going above and beyond our expectations. Sabrina came to Havarah in October of 2009 without much of any experience. After just one winter she started eventing in February of 2010 with a win, her career was onwards and upwards from there.

Preliminary is really where we started to see Sabrina perform like an upper level horse and she just placed 8th at the Virginia Horse Trials CCI*! Molly and this mare have really become a great team as Molly once again showcases her ability to ride all types of horses – including those sensitive know-it-all mares.

Thanks to Alex Robertson who, though being a fantastic dressage rider, realized this mare’s passions may lie somewhere else. Because of him Molly was able to take Sabrina over and the sky is the limit from here!

Two down….many more to go – keep checking back to read more about Havarah’s wonderful athletes!

-Molly Gasiewicz