Bryce and I went to visit Clyde today. We had some great riders over from Chicago, Ill finishing up some horse try-outs this AM. It was wonderful to meet Alex and re-visit with Jennie- both of these are riders of the future and I would be so proud if Alex ends up with one of our Havarah horses. This morning was as much as I could do at the barn today, I was desperate to go see Baby Clyde.

Luckily Bryce has been hanging out with me and here to help get things done so that as much positive energy as possible can go to our boy. I’m a mess, there’s no two ways about it. Getting Clyde through the surgery was the biggest feat, for us emotionally, the surgeon mentally and Clyde physically. Clyde is a champ, a good eater and a lover… that’s why he’s going to make it.

Bryce and I were like little kids the anticipation was too much- and perhaps too built up. I started to cry as soon as I saw Clyde. My Mr Smiles was not so smiley and instead full of bruising in his legs and pretty sleepy from the exhaustion. However, he was well enough aware that his mommy came in and I promptly got a sweet little kiss which meant the world to me. Bryce and I stayed there as long as they’d let us, Clyde loves to cuddle and we figured we could at least give him some company for his nap. Probably the best part about the trip was Clyde’s joy when his daddy gave him some fresh turkey off of his sub from Cappriotti’s. Clyde loves good food :)just like his dad.

I know my post sounds dreary, but really he is doing as good or better than expected. I know how lucky we are to still have Clyde and am not in any way minimizing that. The vets think he is doing so well and being such a good patient that we’ll be able to bring him home tomorrow. They havent given us a list of after care but I know it will be pretty intensive for a few days. At the current moment he has a catheter in for urination- this should come out and I’m sure the little man will need some help maneuvering out to go do his duties. Like any surgery blood clots are of concern so I’ll be making sure to help him with rotating in his nap positions and within a short time I’ll help him with his PT. I think we are going to choose swimming as a re-hab option! Clyde luckily loves water and just went swimming on the 4th of July… so he’s all ready to go!

Once again, all of you following and giving us encouragement and support – you guys rock!! Really, we need you and thank you so much.