Because we center our lives around these animals, I thought they deserved a little credit.

Our fist profile is Rivan, and as you may have guessed by the title, his career plans have somewhat changed in the past year.

Rivan, owned by breeder Pamela Benfield and Stephen Brenner, is a 1998 KWPN Oldenburg Gelding by Contango.

He came to Havarah in June of 2010. After a small career in the dressage world Rivan seemed bored with staying in the arena. He came to Molly in hopes that he would find a new passion in life – and he definitely has.

Just like his father, Contango, Rivan is “happy, cooperative, intelligent and an inquisitive individual”. His athletic ability is incredible and it’s a pleasure to work with such an honest and willing individual.

Rivan has quickly moved through the levels since September 2010 where he competed at his first starter trial at Fair Hill. After winning his fair share of “blues” he moved up to novice and then on to training where he currently can be seen on the leaderboard.

Probably one of the most entertaining parts about working with these animals is watching their personalities develop. Rivan, who used to over-jump EVERYTHING just to make sure his tippy-toes did not touch one bit of fence now shows a lot of scope. His uncertainties about cross-country have been replaced by a victorious strut off the course.

When Rivan isn’t gliding around a dressage arena (usually hitting it in the 20’s) and cruising around cross-country and stadium courses, he enjoys being pampered by his favored groom: Hannah Metz.

This gentle giant could be dubbed one of Havarah’s originals and we have high hopes for him in the future. You can bet he will be moving from Training Horse to Preliminary soon!

In addition I want to send much thanks to his owners, Pamela Benfield and Stephen Brenner. They both are extremely supportive of Rivan and Molly’s endeavors and are happy that their horse enjoys his life and career. It has been wonderful working with owners who value Molly’s program and enjoy watching Rivan excel in his Eventing Career.

Thank you Pamela and Stephen!

Look out for our next profile! Who could it be???

– Molly Gasiewicz