Tango, owned by Waters Edge Farm

The Red Baron, owned by Lynn Fern

I have grown very fond of starter trials; they are a great inexpensive way to get young horses out to an event. They are always very relaxed and give the horses a great experience. I have also been able to help quite a few students get a relaxed and positive start to their eventing careers.

This last weekend, The Red Baron (pictured above courtesy of owner Lynn Fern), finish 2nd in the Novice Horse division. Tango, a brand new ride for me, finished 4th in BN, her first event! Fran Loftus, brought her big horse out and showed us that they have made tremendous improvement and gave themselves a great prep for the Fair Hill HT in August. Last but not least one of my newest students made her debu as a Havarah rider and won the Beginner Novice rider class. Congrats Chelsea!!