As you all may have guessed based on the fact that there was no blogging announcing catastrophe, everyone made it home safe and sound from Aiken.

All horses arrived home wide-eyed with fuzzy, sheep-skin lined noses and settled back into their North-East residence. They are currently enjoying their green pastures – which is probably the equivalent of splurging on McDonald’s after being so healthy and active for a long period of time.

But no worries, the horses got a well-deserved break and chow-fest while Molly was at the Fork, but now it’s back to business.

For the most part it seemed to be like a nice, relaxing introduction back into the North-East show scene this weekend at Plantation.

In addition, it really was a Team Havarah show as Molly, Hannah, Robin, Quinn AND Bryce were competing. So it was just fun all the way around.

Though, I know you all love to read the recaps, sometimes the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is the truest of statements.

Plus, we have Fair Hill this coming weekend… so plenty more news to come!

Thus, I leave you with some amazing photos from this weekend, courtesy of our wonderful neighbor and photographer, Steve Berkowitz.

More photos to come soon including Quinn flying over fences with Sprite and some cute Havarah moments.