We have two wonderful sisters for sale here at Havarah: Zhen and Alpine a.k.a. Piney!

Piney is a 4 year old warmblood/pinto mare from Rainbow and Olypmic Ferro breeding. In case you may not be familiar with these names this means SUPER jumping and dressage bloodlines. Perfect event horse poss??

This young mare is very inquisitive and brave. She has not said one “no” to Molly out schooling cross country and she was tied for first at Loch Moy at beginner novice. Her ambitions are novice in 2012 with potential for much, much more!

Besides just her potential… Piney is a super sweet horse and gets along with others (she’s bff’s with my mare so I’m partial to this one!). If you’re looking for a young prospect, this is your girl!

Zhen is a 7 year old warmblood/pinto out of the same breeding as Piney (Rainbow and Olympic Ferro). Yup, they are full sisters!

Though, 100% related, these two only look alike in their coloring. Zhen is much thicker than Piney who has more of a slender physique.

Zhen has some experience in the hunter/jumper world but would be the perfect match for a lower level eventer or hunter rider.

This mare’s sweet disposition is hard to beat as she just wants to be your best friend. The more you pet her, the happier she is!

If you are interested in either (or both!) of these pretty girls, email molly@mollyrosin.com for more info and to set up an appointment!

Happy shopping!

~Molly Gasiewicz