This past weekend Molly took Benny (Puttin On The Ritz) and Leto (The Diesel Boy) to the toughest 2* of their careers to date at the Fair Hill International.  Without a doubt both of these horses had matured so much throughout the season and heading into this big event, and both of them came away from Fair Hill with very positive results.
Benny’s Got Bounce!
Photo Credit Lisa Thomas, Mid-Atlantic Equestrian
Throughout the year Molly has been very regimented in their training, making sure that both these horses were confirmed and confident at the Intermediate level.  The decision to run at Fair Hill was hanging on the successful completion of Plantation Field International as well as their over-all feel in the lead up events.  Coming away from that event, she felt both Leto and Benny were both physically and mentally up to the challenge.
Bryce Predicted a 54 on Dressage and was nearly on the nose.
Nice work with a 54.5!
The decision to run Leto at Morven was not taken lightly, as he had just completed PFI and it was requiring of this young horse.  At times it’s amazing to recognize that he’s just 8 years old, but he continues to rise to the occasion, earning his final FHI qualifier in very tough conditions at the Virginia Morven Park event.

They both were extremely mature and well behaved in all 3 phases this past weekend at Fair Hill.  Molly was very impressed with Benny’s confidence on XC, holding his lines on the corner combo, jumping boldly into the water complexes, never adding an extra stride in anywhere.  Reflecting on their XC penalties, Molly felt that she wasn’t quite quick enough to hold his focus onto the fences where they had a couple unfortunate glance offs…..but it was great to feel how confident & bold he has become. Heading into next season he’s going to come out of the start box much more verified at this level.
Stunning Photo of Benny by Steve Berkowitz!
Leto’s eagerness for XC was evident & his desire to please on the tough FHI 2* track was impressive.  Without any previous 2* experience, Molly was proud of his tenacity in tackling the course.  He gained a ton of experience from this grand finale at Fair Hill, making the spring preparations for the 2*s in 2016 that much more exciting. 

Both horses will come out next season their fittest and most validated in their competitive careers. 

Leto getting it done!
Photo credit resident artist, Steve Berkowitz
Molly is so appreciative of her entire support network who worked so hard to pull together this fall season in preparation for Fair Hill, as it was not an easy task!  A huge amount of appreciation is felt for the entire barn staff -Katie, Faith, Betsy, Bri, Daisy and  Rob and the other key team players behind the scenes who help orchestrate MK Equestrian.  Without the support of The Klavans Family, Ron & Densey Juvonen, Steve Teichman, Dr. Kathy Anderson, Steve Berkowitz and Bryce……we wouldn’t have been able to finish the season on such a positive note.  Thank you as always to our sponsors  as well – Nunn Finer, Triple Crown, Omega Alpha, CWD and Ecogold!
Benny’s Fan Club
Photo Credit Lisa Thomas, Mid-Atlantic Equestrian