October started off with a beautiful weekend at Morven Park where I rode Havarah’s Charly, owned by the Minyan Syndicate to a wonderful dressage and show jumping. I then withdrew to save him for the Fair HIll 3 star… which is Sooooooooo close! Charly was great and I can tell that he knows he has the Big One coming up. I also rode Sprite, owned and bred by Kathy and Quinn Anderson- this little connemara Tb x is a JUMPER, she may get a little wound up but when she settles in the dressage Quinn and I will have such a great eventer. Then there was the handsome Beaujeste. I have had so many people tell me that if he was 17 H they would pay anything for him. I think those people should get on and ride this BIG pony, cause he feels like 17 H!! Beaujeste is still young and has some learning to do, but he is craZy cool. Barb Strang and her Dutch horse Sultan (also for sale) made an impressive go out of their second training level event.

Life didn’t slow down after the event as there’s lots of horses to train, students to teach and most importantly SIR CHARLES to prep for his big three day.

BUT first- we found my working student a super cute new project filly, grey with a big forelock, She’s pretty much gorgeous with a personality to match- thank you Dr. Anderson!
THEN this Saturday Hannah will try her hand at her first recognized event before handing “Ben” back to his owner with a tear in MY eye for how wonderful this horse has been, I thank him every day for his presence in my barn. At the event on Saturday I’ll ride RIVAN; a very cool horse by CONTANGO who is starting eventing. I really like this big guy, hopefully you’ll see me and him going along next year at Preliminary…. but he is available for lease.

AND THEN some schooling at Radnor for the young horses….


and and then… Waredaca Three Day with Sprite n Beaujeste (T3D) and Sabrina and Marissa doing there first Preliminary event!

Is October over yet/? No

Plantation Field starter trials… sign up and join us! Ankhe Pass will be at his second event, along with…..????

See ya all around, we’ll have time to sleep in November!