The Havarah horses and myself are officially back “home”. I have set up at a wonderful facility, “Inspo”, this is in Kirkwood, Pa. The horses are all soo happy with their big stalls, green grass and comfy footing in the indoor. Tomorrow they get to go exploring the woods and grass gallops… can’t wait to see their smiles then!

This facility is top notch, it has all the comforts and eventer could ask for. The barns have wonderful ventilation and amazing storage (this makes me very happy, ask anyone that has worked for me, I like everything to have a “home”)The horses have plenty of training ground and we’re within feet of all horse necessities; feed dealer, produce farm….etc.

I am excited about this new venture and happy to be at a place where Havarah can grow!

As I’m busy settling in I’m also very excited to get lessons set up with those who have wintered North and are ready to get back into action. Charly and I head off to the Fork next Thursday.

Come over and visit our new set-up, look for the address at