Here’s a thank you to one of Molly’s most important sponsors: McCauley’s Equine Formulas: because let’s face it… we have some hungry horses and they are always whinnying when they are hungry!

Molly has been used McCauley’s for two years now and originally was impressed by the interaction she had with their nutritionists and has always been super pleased with their availability for different needs and all of top quality.

“The horses’s body conditions speak for the feed. Every horse that has started in bad shape completely turned around using their feed,” Molly said.

Here’s a little bit about the MC:

“Established in 1938, McCauley Bros., Inc. is headquartered in the heart of Kentucky Bluegrass country, home and nursery to the world’s finest horses. Devoted to the care of these special animals, McCauley’s is engaged in the manufacture of premium quality feeds and nutritional supplements exclusively for the horse. In addition to maintaining the high quality of our products, sound and timely information is an integral part of technical service offered by McCauley’s. A team of equine nutritionists is on staff to provide technical assistance and nutritional consultation to our clients. Armed with the latest reliable information and years of practical experience in the field, our technical team can provide a level of problem solving unmatched in the feed industry.”

McCauley Bro’s have recently built a state-of the-art facility in Chambersburg, PA so they can readily serve not only those in the blue-grass state, but also the horse lovers of the Mid-Atlantic region. Plus, these guys are ALWAYS researching, collaborating with universities, nutritionists, and more to make sure the horses that munch on their feed are receiving the best nutrition. I mean, could you ask for more?

I mean… I can’t say it any better my self so here is another straight quote from the source: “From affordable maintenance products to the best of the best, our family of brands covers a wide range of needs with the same strict commitment to quality control and risk management. Every McCauley’s facility is ISO, HAACP and FCI certified – a distinction unmatched by any other equine company in the United States.”

So basically… our horses eat REALLY well and are happy creatures. You know what they says: Happy horse – happy owner. Plus, Molly gets to be sponsored by another company she believe in. Win, win!

Our feeds of choice here at Havarah? WB100™:an Oat-based pellet for maximum efficiency with the highest quality ingredient standards in the industry and nutrient sources proven to promote normal gut function. Top Breeder™: High levels of vegetable oil and beet pulp with the highest quality ingredients in the industry for high levels of usable energy and nutrient sources proven best for improvement of hair coat and body condition (this is FACT! My horse has the worst coat and she now glistens…). Top Ten™: High levels of vegetable oil and beet pulp and nutrient sources proven best for rapid improvement in body condition.

In addition, we feed McCauley’s supplements including their Hydrolyte®, and McCauley’s® BIOTIME®.

As always, Molly is super meticulous when it comes to horse care, so we at Havarah only feed the best: the best being McCauley Bro’s Feed.

For more information please visit McCauley’s Website.