Twas only a few months ago we were wondering who it was and what kind of person we would have as our next working student.

As luck would have it we got Miss Katie Mays.  This girl ticks off a lot of boxes.
1. She’s from NY so PA cold is NOTHING!
2. As of today she’s an official college graduate with a 3.91 GPA – finished within only 3 years!
      — Meaning I’m not holding her up from her studies AND she’s used to expedited learning 🙂
3. Her and Hannah Metz get each other- an absolute must as they work and live together hand in hand
4. She smiles, she laughs, she jests; all while grooming, sweeping, walking, organizing, prepping, etc
5. Last but definitely not least she’s a lovely rider and true learner of the horse.

Here’s a picture of her giving Kynynmont’s Cassidy a nice ride out on the Andrew’s Bridge Paperchase (Cassidy is for sale, but hands off of Katie!)