I am happy/sad to announce that Katie is heading off to spread her wings and continue on her life path.  Im happy to share this as Im thrilled for her to go off and have some new adventures, Im sad to share this as we will all miss Katie very much.  Everyone here at MKE has a long list of memories with Katie – we were blessed to have her on our team for 5 and a half years.  Katie fully dedicated herself to caring for the horses and helping them be the happiest versions of themselves.  

I have so many fond memories of Katie, its very challenging to pick just a few.  Katie started with us as a working student and developed into a great assistant barn manager and head groom.  Katie was involved in MKE as a FEI groom, helped with the sales horses and made sure the barn ran as smoothly as possible.  She developed very close relationships with ALL the animals (other than dogs if they werent Corgis) – there was even a pony that she slept with at night to medicate it while it healed from a very needy eye issue.

From the beginning her main goal was to learn all the ins and outs of running a high level eventing program.  She stayed true to that goal til the last day here but it was hard to deny her natural riding talent along the way.  We were lucky enough to have a few really great mounts for her to compete and train with.  Cassidy, The Queen Bee, Puttin on the Ritz and Fergus were her main projects- even though she didnt own any of them she treated them with endless care and attention.  

Katie and I had a lot of trips together to big shows, clinics, winters down south and lots of time “at the farm” in amish country.  Not much ever rattled Katie, so I know she’ll take on all that comes her way with the same dedication that she showed here.  If you ever run into Katie say hi, she may be a little quiet at first but just offer her a pepsi and all will be ok 🙂


After a great xc round, always great to have Katie on the ground to cheer us on.
All of the trips, meant serious packing, Katie became a master!
The early years… this duo was un-stoppable.
Travels with Katie, Vermont in the summer. Pepsi was her walking beverage of choice
Katie helped get horses looking their very best for all of their outings, FHI with The Diesel Boy and Puttin on the RItz
Katie was a phenomenal student which helped her guide multiple horses to some very classy rounds in her time here at MKE. The Queen Bee and Katie completed multiple training levels with top placings and awards.
Katie Mays will always be remembered for her impressive selfie abilities.
Don’t go anywhere without a pepsi can, I think that’s Katies life motto.