First of all… I apologize my my prolonged absence. Cali claimed me for a little while and then the weather took away my internet – thanks thunder storms!

Any who… I’ve gotten through all of the horses and people so now I get to tell you all about myself. But this is good, I think you all should know a little about the blogger :).

I was born and raised in Sonoma County, CA and grew up competing horses in area VI. I caught the eventing bug when I was 13 and when I was 15 started training with Valerie Bertoli out of Sebastapol, CA.

However, after high school I gave up horses for a bit and I went to the University of Colorado to study journalism and mass communication (and PR and Advertising).

After three years without a horse I emailed Valerie, begging, for my beloved Ohlala back. Luckily, the two of us were re-united and she has now followed me from CA to CO, and from CO to PA – poor girl has traveled A LOT!

Upon graduation from college I didn’t have a job lined up and I didn’t feel like working so I started competing again – and I thought “why not do this forever?”.

So I emailed Molly Rosin, who I had known through her training one of my crazy mares (I seem to like these types…). In October, 2010, I packed up my car with Finley (a pembroke welsh corgi) and a pod and headed East.

I spent about six months as a full-time working student with Molly, and loved it. However my itch to write and be a PR guru kept knocking and luckily, while in Aiken, SC, John Nunn, owner of Bit of Britain, offered me a gig.

Since then I have gradually morphed out of the “working student title” (though I still work at the barn every other weekend) – and into the into the world of business at BOB (which I LOVE!).

On the side I help Molly with PR related things and this blog which I am super happy you all enjoy!

It makes me so happy that I can share the every day Havarah news with you all and I’m so happy you like what you read.

I still plan on competing my mare, Ohlala, preliminary level with hopes of completing our first 1* and moving up to intermediate. But for now, I love to entertain YOU! So keep reading, keep commenting, and keep being a Havarah fan!