Lesley Long was an exemplary horsewoman in Carroll County, Maryland. Sadly, despite the high premium Lesley placed on handling horses safely, she passed away on December 14th, 2011 after sustaining a severe brain injury from being kicked by a startled horse three weeks earlier.

Devoted to horses her entire life, Lesley gained over 20 years experience retraining re-tired racehorses, starting young horses, and teaching beginner to intermediate riders. Certified as a USEA ICP Program Level 1 Instructor, Lesley was a talented competitor and fan of Maryland eventing. She made her living in the daily tasks of caring for horses. With horses and riders alike, Lesley was dependable, knowledgeable, and patient, willing to lend a hand and a friendly smile. Lesley was a dedicated wife and mother, a compassionate advocate for rescued dogs and animals, a nurturing gardener, a talented photographer, and valuable friend to many.

The Lesley Long & Family Silent Auction Benefit offers financial support to Lesley’s family and horses in the aftermath of her loss. All proceeds and monetary donations will be applied to costs incurred by her intensive medical care and the care of her three talented off-the-track thoroughbreds – Bugatti, Kudos and Mardi Gras – who are being fostered until they can find new owners.

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