Katie competing Cassidy at Loch Moy 2015 Training Level

Katie Mays came to MK Equestrian in 2014 from up state NY.   Following high school, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Equine Science at Morrisville State College in NY and upon graduating, decided to put her lifelong passion to work.

Katie was looking to work for someone in the Eventing world who was actively competing at the upper levels and could help her devote time to reaching her own training goals.  After some interviewing, she accepted the position at MK Equestrian, and has been an integral part of our stable management ever since!
“Migrating from Buffalo, NY, I am not as much of a softie as Molly when it comes to cold weather. You will find me in the barn at all hours doing all sorts of things: grooming horses, scrubbing water buckets, sweeping aisles, the list goes on!  I am also MK Equestrian’s professional arena dragger, resident Pepsi addict, and groom for Molly at her competitions. My memory is scarily accurate; you can ask me to recite what every horse in the barn eats, even what temperature was taken on 10 horses!”
After a successful season at Training Level with one of Molly’s sale horses, Kynynmont’s Cassidy, Katie has leased the Juvonen’s fabulous Mustang pony,  The Queen Bee, known as Tuesday in the barn. Her goal is to move up to Preliminary with Tuesday in 2016.