After 3 days of driving and a bad slip down some slippery stairs- all 13 horses and all 4 of us girls have enjoyed a wonderful week of pleasant and sometimes sunny weather. Today is supposed to rain, but considering the amount of snow we’re missing, I’m ok with a few showers!

I don’t think I’ve yet given a full list of the Havarah team members that are here in Aiken, so I’ll give a brief description of our Aiken crew.

Hannah- (long time working student and Havarah’s Charly’s personal assistant) Hannah is 15 and was granted permission for a full winter trip to Aiken. She is homeschooling so after the grueling hours working and riding during the day she comes home and opens the books. Hannah keeps us organized and together in the barn and at shows, we love Hannah!

Molly JR- MJ as she’s known around the barn, is a college graduate and a new-comer to the east coast. This is her first season in Aiken and her first year as a Havarah team member. MJ has quickly jumped up the ranks and has fulfilled the position of Barn Manager as we had to leave Kara back in PA to take care of Principia Stables. MJ is doing a great job. Besides making sure the Havarah horses are fed on time MJ has a fancy little sportscar of a horse that she will be aiming at the Virginia CCI * in May.

Maddie- The newest and youngest Aiken Havarah girl is Maddie. At 12 years old she is taking on her first winter of home schooling and a full time position with us here in Aiken. She is a wonderful addition to our team, eager to learn and adoring of the horses. Maddies horse will come south for a few weeks and they’ll start their competitive season at Plantation horse trials in PA.

THANK YOU Hannah, MJ and Maddie!!!