I wanted to post an up-date about the “Havarah Calendar” because we are now in complete full competition mode!
6th Lessons at Silver Rose
8th Lessons at Mountain View Corrals
12th and 13th Clinic at Twin Rivers with Danny Warrington —call for details
**** Regular lessons on the 13th at Silver Rose will be rescheduled
15th Lessons at Silver Rose
17-19th RAM TAP HT — VOLUNTEERS needed —call for details
20th Lessons at Silver Rose
22nd Lessons at Mountain View Corrals
26th-28th possible Danny Warrington Clinic

3-5th Twin Rivers HT
Lessons at Silver Rose will continue on Mondays, other days to be determined
Lessons at Mountain View Corrals will continue every other Wednesday

CONGRATULATIONS to Christina and Griffen for their first place finish at Galway in Junior Training and to Debbie for her third place finish in her FIRST preliminary competition…way to go rockstars!!!!!