We keep busy!

This up-coming weekend is an event I’ve been preparing for and waiting for pretty much all season.  The best event ever…. Plantation Field!!!!  I’m absolutely beyond excited as I’ll have 3 horses competing in FEI classes, pretty much a life long dream to have the ride on 3 great horses at a great event with wonderful people around me.  I’ve got it set up right where I want it– well hopefully!  I did loose my stupendous coach to the WEGS and 2 other huge events over seas, so preparation was unfortunately more on my own that I’d love.  But I kept his voice in my head every time I jumped and this next weekend we’ll see how that worked!

I don’t think it’s very healthy to agonize over small details for too long so my weeks preparing for big events like this I like life to be normal. Which for me means busy.

Last event was every bit that and added to it I’d like to say we all had a pretty great time 🙂  On Saturday I rode Masterel in his first BN event to a 2nd place finish.  Masterel is a horse that Denis Glacuum and I picked up as an OTTB project about 8-9 months ago.  I believe firmly in letting the initial months of non race track life be nothing but relaxing good stuff… and that’s what we did.  Masterel went to Aiken and learned how to hack, step over solid logs and has been attempting to toughen up and be a pasture pony (at least for a few hours every day!).  This summer his training has really stepped up and I am beyond thrilled with the horse we have.  Masterel is one of the most independent horses I’ve ever trained; he absolutely loves his training time and mostly his time out on the xc course.  His gallop stride just takes him right in stride to his jumps and gives you an amazing feeling.  This is all in due thanks to the vets of Equine Veterinary Care who saw him and forwarded on his information to us.  Dr. Arensburg has a good eye!

At fair hill we finally got rain, we got wet and we loved it 🙂  Sarah Dawson and her horse proved that they have been great pupils and finished novice like it was elementary with no help by me (time conflicts!) Bri Beiler and her “camp” horse were 2nd after dressage and just had a few xc slipping problems but finished like the true champs they are and last but not least Vanessa Stolzfus and her new addition Teddy Sarco completed their first event to bring home a 3rd place ribbon!  Thank you so much to Ryan Woods and his crew for the great training on Teddy!

As if that wasn’t enough fun we did it all over again starting at 4am on Sunday, but this time at Seneca Valley PC horse trials.

I rode Kynymont’s Rio at his first Novice and Cute as a Bug also in novice.  Both of these horses are with me as sales horses learning the ropes as we go.  Both horses were phenomenal, I couldn’t have asked them to be better.  Dr. Steve Berkowitz set down the grill/camera/thermometer for the day and enjoyed himself a near perfect Novice event on Zoomalong.  In my mind it was perfect, I think Steve would agree as well.  Steve has worked hard all season on getting him and the Zoom-ster to be in harmony on the flat and over fences.  This they were.  Smooth dressage – in 3rd, clean and PERFECT sj to move to 2nd, faultless cross country with just too big of turns incurring some time faults to give away the red ribbon.  I know they’ll dominate next time, so watch out!

All of this excitement while keeping the CIC horses in condition in prepped for the best event ever— takes an amazing support group of a very understanding husband and SUPER hard working head groom.