Charly and I are proud to announce that we have started our CCI *** at Fair Hill International. This is a dream come true for me.

The first veterinary examination was on Wednesday afternoon – this went very smoothly, Charly was well behaved and passed on his first jog down the lane. That day I took my initial walk around the 3 star course- my first impression is that I “love it”. Beyond that I’d be silly not to tell you that it’s VERY long with a long hill climb the first half of the course and the jumps are HUGE with a lot of very accurate riding being not only asked but mandatory if you and your horse want to finish. The jumps are solid and ask for bold riding. There’s a lot for spectators to see and I hope that Charly and I have a big cheering section to keep us going for 10+ minutes!

I will be doing dressage close to 3pm on Friday. I was quite lucky to not be competing on Thursday during the solid rain- however, Thursday is supposed to be pretty windy….so hopefully Charly can keep his concentration while the tents are blowing over into the dressage courts!!

I wish I had each one of the Minyan Syndicate owners here watching first hand this weekend. There are quite a few that live in California and haven’t gotten to visit Charly in quite sometime. I’d like to persoanally thank each one for the years of support and guidance they have given us.

The Minyan Syndicate is made up of the following people and their families-

Betsy McCarly
John Marshall
Ann Nunn
Judith Rosin
Bryce Kinnamon
Molly Rosin
Riverland Farms split share- Cleery Clinger, Aaron Rosin, Judith Rosin, John Marshall
Carla Hays
Midtown Sports/Charles Steinman

Currently there are 2 open shares that are available for purchase- email for information

Without the Minyan Syndicate I wouldn’t be at this event. They took a chance in Charly and myself. THANK YOU!!!!

I hope to make you all proud this weekend 🙂