Hello blog readers, I’m going to do my best to get you up to date on all the happenings at Havarah.

First off we’d like to bid Molly Gasiewicz a farewell and many happy fun times at her new house and horse residence in Kennett Square. Molly G. spent quite a bit of time with us after her studies were done in Colorado.  I believe she is an east coast fan but at her young age is excited to be back in the action of a happening town.

In a few short weeks everyone at Havarah will be welcoming and learning a new working student who will be staying at the farm to help keep watch over all our special horses 🙂 I’ll wait to give you a full run down on Katie until after we’ve found out her favorite foods, least favorite chore and a few other key details!

Something that I’m super excited about is the newest match we have made at the farm- Robyn and Desert Pepper! Pepper is a lovely young TB that Patti Gillen/Steen has raised and brought along.  When you see him you’ll think that Robyn took a shopping trip in Ireland, but instead we found this horse in our fabulous small town of Kirkwood.  Pepper and Robyn have already started their competition career, but will be keeping it low key as we develop Peppers skills and strength.  I am so excited for the future of this talented horse and wonderful rider. Keep your eyes out for this long legged duo.

We officially have 2 more TRAINING level riders!!! Quinn Anderson and Hannah Metz left the world of novice with some strong runs at training level.  Both of this girls have been working really hard to help them with this advancement.  I think both of these girls are well and ready for some bigger jumps! Waredaca is their next outing, you cant miss either of them as one is the flying Palomino and the other is the bold Pinto. Good luck to Miss Quinn and Miss Hannah.

Speaking of moving on up, Dr. Steve (Berkowitz) – you may know him as hamburger man or photographer extroidanaire, horse vet with a smile or NOW you will know him as the novice adult amateaur rider of WHIPLALA.  Steve is taking eventing on by storm, it’s pretty incredible.

This last weekend I took a trip to the Virginia Horse Park with my good friends and owners the Klavens as well as Bryce and Hannah.  We brought Puttin on the Ritz there for his FEI debut.  This is one of the horses Im super excited about; he has a future at the top of the sport, Im sure of this. “Benny” has really improved in his dressage, this showed as he had an impressive 51 in the CCI * and was standing in 5th place.  Benny set out on xc like a champ, hitting each minute marker in stride. He handled the first half of the course with ease- then came the water jump.  The water has been challenging for him and this time it was bigger than he’s ever seen, bigger than he felt ready to handle. SOOOOooo our summer plans for him will be slightly altered to give him more experience at the level before going back to the CCI *.  The other horses I took, Sabrina and The Diesel Boy both did quite well, finishing 6th and 10th in their classes.

My last piece of news I’ll leave you with is totally non horse related. I’m proud to tell you that I’m an engaged woman now! Most of you have met my “fiance”, Bryce Kinnamon- for those of you that haven’t, you’re missing out 🙂 Bryce is one of those that can work all week and hop on a horse over the weekend and still have a great leg position, it’s impressive! Beyond that and besides the fact that he’s fixing my computer that just crashed and keeps the website up and running- he’s just great. Funny, smart, a good cook and most importantly he’s my best friend….and totally hot!

I think that’s all the up-dates I have for now, until next time.
Molly Rosin