“Hannah is Molly’s right hand.” This is one of the first things our barn manager Kara Flood uttered to me when I was visiting Havarah in October – such accurate words.

Hannah perhaps knows Molly’s needs better than Molly herself. I don’t know how, but she always knows which goes with what and exactly how Molly will like something done.

She is always one step ahead too. If I’m helping her pack the trailer for a show by the time I think of something we need she’s already packed it!

Hannah’s great with the horses and absolutely loves and adores each and every one of them. She literally loves what she does and takes those extra five minutes to make sure every piece of crud is curried off a horse’s legs, or washing a horse’s tail because it’s looking a little dirty.

I have never met anyone like Hannah. She’s honest, sweet, hard working, and just all around pleasant. I know? Are we talking about a teenager here?

Hannah met Molly when she and her mom went to watch her ride at Fair Hill in the interest of training with Molly. Pattie, Hannah’s mom, respected the way Molly dealt with a spook from Charly in dressage – calm, cool, collected – and signed Hannah up for lessons.

Being that she’s home-schooled Hannah has a lot of time during the day to work around the barn. I believe Hannah has worked for Molly for a little over two years – and has loved every day of it. Molly enjoys making the barn a learning experience for Hannah. Whether it be doing calculations as to how long supplements will last or making grooming a horse an educational experience – Hannah, in my opinion, attends the coolest school in the world!

In addition, Hannah has a beautiful gray thoroughbred Mare, Anna’s Band. Yes – Anna and Hannah – thus the reason I started calling her “Banana” in Aiken because I kept calling Hannah Anna and visa versa. Anna is a five-year-old, off the track mare who is teaching Hannah the thrills of bringing along a young, green horse.

The pair has competed in two unrecognized beginner novices and are excited for their first recognized! Hannah as been extremely patient in the training process and loves her dappled gray filly.

Though she is just starting her eventing career on this mare, Hannah has been in it for a while. She goes to every show Molly goes to, because she pretty much is the horse-show master. She always keeps everything so organized and under control at the trailer. While Molly is hopping from horse to horse, Hannah is taking care of everything back at the trailer.

She is impressive.

Stop by and say “hey” to Hannah at shows – she most likely will be wearing a red CWD shirt and a red CWD hat – she loves to rock the sponsors.