Because horses will be horses, and sometimes a playful buck in a paddock could lead to an annoying injury, it is always beneficial to be backed by those who can help remedy the situation.

Molly is proud to be sponsored by the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center.

“Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center is a state-of-the-art facility that houses the latest in technological equipment, designed to promote a safe and rapid advancement for horses recovering from injury. We give your horse every chance to make a successful return to competition by providing a variety of the latest effective physical therapy options that allows your horse to receive the care that benefits most.” – Fair HIll ETC

Eventing is not only demanding of us riders, but is extremely demanding of our horse’s physical abilities, especially at the upper levels. So it is a no brainer that they need a little R&R sometimes.

Molly has always been diligent about checking horses legs, wrapping with poultice or a Back on Track wrap when necessary – but a few certain characters at our farm have been lucky enough to experience the AquaPacer and salt water spa.

Cough, cough! Sabrina and Charly…. but again, these two athletes deserve the H20 Therapy as they are upper level competitors, and let’s face it, we want them to last!

“I’ve had three horses use the aqua-pacer and all three are better competitors than they were before their time on the aqua-tred. I feel like the aqua pacer is very beneficial for strengthening areas of the horses bodies that are tough to target under saddle. All three horses felt stronger on the flat and over fences. Havarah’s Charly and Sprite developed their collected canter from the use of this machine and Sabrina’s jumping form drastically improved… I’m a big fan!” Molly Rosin

When Charly gets his therapy sessions, those who work at the Therapy Center are always excited to see him- Olympico was his standard nickname! He’s a regular. Sabrina, has taken easily to the therapy. Shocker. She absolutely LOVES it-being pampered is right up her alley. Sprite also got a few goes on the pacer, and as smart as she is, she took right to it. Luckily the crew at FHTC are exceptional with horses, a few times with BIG TONY and the horses look at the facility like a dream palace… which it sort of is!

Basically it is an above-ground treadmill with controllable water levels to allow horses a large range of motion with less impact than regular work. The AquaPacer also promotes more bone and cartilage development. It helps reduce the risk of injury AND helps in the rehabilitation process for those horses who have suffered injuries.

It’s pretty much awesome. For more information about the AquaPacer and to learn more about other services offered at the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center visit their website.

Most likely all of the Havarah horses will get to experience this luxury in the near future, but mostly we all are super thankful to have such an awesome device at our finger tips. Thanks Fair Hill ETC! Sabrina and Charly extend their thank you’s as well.

~Molly Gasiewicz