Holidays are fabulous, good food and good friends… what more could you want? This Thanksgiving to me brought sadness as well as great happiness. For the first time in my life I felt extremely homesick; Turkey day just isnt the same without my mom and all her FABulous food…! The homesickness was eased by realizing how much I have to be thankfull for; a good part of that is due to all of the wonderful people I have come across on my journey. My roomate is a great friend and has been here through so much, always being able to spin everything to the optimistic side….thanks girl! My bosses and co-workers are such knowledgeable yet light hearted people…they all make each day worthy of waking up before dark… THANKS crew! Of course there’s the boot camp leader who I’ve realize isn’t as tough as he may sometimes seem; but more just completely eager to see me and my horses do our best than I could ever hope for out of any coach….Thanks Mr D! Leading from that are the two fabulous four legged creatures that I am so blessed to go visit on a daily basis and have given me their all for this whole trip…Marky Mark and Chucky you rock!!! We then have our teams that help keep my great horses going, and have really taken us Cali girls under their wings and helped us in many ways…so much thanks to Chuck, Kathy and Vance, you are all amazing! If there wasn’t a wagging tail greeting me at every possible moment, what would I constantly have to look forward to??? THANKS WIGGLE MONSTER! Then there’s my team back home…the MINYAN owners, you have stuck by my side with so many big decisions with Charly this year…so MUCH thanks, I hope him and I can keep smiles on all of your faces for years to come! Then there are all of the HAVARAH equestrian group riders, vets, farriers, parents and family members who have dealt with a less than easy travel schedule on my part and kept up with great effort in my absence and been available on all of my visits.. YOU are all truely ROCKSTARS!!! VerY, VerY thankful for the group of friends I have been fortunate enough over the years to meet, and lucky enough that as large as the miles apart we may get, the visits we get are always as great as ever. Without this last person my life would never have been the same; always supportive, always available for advice (never mind the day or time), and the best rolemodel a daughter could ever ask for…I love you and thank you so much …. mama you’re the best! TO ALL thank you so much for all of your help, you are all fabulous!