It was a weekend to be celebrated by Molly and the entire Klavans family (Nancy, Dick and Alyssa).

After Benny’s learning experience a couple weeks ago at Pine Top, Molly decided to pass on Red Hills and take him Prelim at Full Gallop thinking it would be a more beneficial experience.

And it was!

Benny got a 26.8 in dressage. “I have no idea how he scored that,” Alyssa said. The dressage test also included words such as “happy, expressive horse,” these are words Alyssa isn’t used to hearing when describing her horse.

He also went double clear cross country and stadium so everyone is pretty sure he won his division. Go Benny!

Molly also rode Piney this weekend and even though she had one stop cross country she had a good dressage test and stadium and Alyssa swears if she was 14 she would totally want this horse.
Benny is quite the talented horse, but Dressage is some thing he has worked quite hard at. Looks like the work is pressing off!
Fabio and Robyn saw some improvement as well. Fabio was calm for dressage and though they had one stop cross country as well, Robyn was really happy with his performance and that they were able to improve from last weekend.

It was also Robyn’s birthday today so happy birthday Robyn!

Alyssa was so happy she chose to come down this weekend and watch her horse succeed.

She also got to ride Benny at Hitchcock Woods and then Molly threw her up on Toulousse and Leto so we’ll get her back in the ring one of these days! Even though she’s still more than happy cheering from the sidelines.

Everyone is sunburnt but happy after this weekend. Good job ladies!