Some of my fondest memories from growing up are from the November Ram Tap in Fresno, Ca. It always seemed to be a great show, and a whole lot of fun. I may have just really liked the fact that Saturday night I got to go home to a full Thanksgiving meal full of great food and surrounded by friends and family.

This last weeks trip back to Fresno lived up to all my expectations; The weather was phenomenal, food was great at mom’s T-day dinner which was well attended to, and my students all impressed me with their progress they’ve made throughout the year.

Our clinic was held over 4 days all out at Silver Rose Ranch (thank you Carol!!!). I once over heard one of the riders refer to it as boot camp. It was great having most of the riders be able to participate in each of the days, the progress I saw through each of them was remarkable. In fact, the beginner novice group was riding through a pretty hard coffin simulated exercise on Sunday… just ask them, it was quite impressive!

In the competition at Ram Tap, Havarah had three riders; Aubrey is our latest addition to the group and she completed her first event with only one rail added onto her dressage, Jestine rode her very cute “Pink Pony” and is definitely in contention for most improved of the year (they looked totally professional on the jump rounds and will be a dominating force in the dressage within a few more shows), and last but not least Kelcey had a very impressive weekend as she rode to give her grandmother the best last weekend she could’ve asked for! Kelcey’s grandmother was extremely supportive of Kelcey and our entire Havarah group, she will be terribly missed.