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This year the eventing comittee changed the entry forms, so it is now a new learning experience for everyone…not only the first time competitors. However if you use the above website (which is free) you only have to go through this once. Go to evententries and become a new user, get a username, password and it is completely self explanatory from there (however you can still call if you have questions)

** IF you are going to be competing at the Beginner Novice level your horse does NOT need to be registered with any of the event affiliations, nor do you. BUT is cost effective for you to become a member (as a rider) so you don’t have to pay non-member fees all year…plus there’s lots of perks! To do this go to www.eventingusa.com and find the become a member page, dowload and fill in, send in and on your horse show entry form write that your “number” is pending.

** IF you are going to compete novice or training, your horse does need to be registered and it is ONLY $25.00; again www.eventingusa.com

** IF you have not done any competitions yet, write that in the section that asks for experience… event secretaries do not like un-marked sections

** One the back page of your printed out entryform there are slots for lots of signatures…
1) you are the rider, sign that
2) whoever owns the horse or is responsible for the horse signs as owner (or agent for the owner)… don’t worry about the USEF registration number if you don’t have one (and are competing at the lower levels)
3) trainer…. as odd as this sounds…. I don’t need to sign for you … this slot is in need of someone over 18 years old that will be held accountable for how your horse is presented at the show (in terms of legality.. no drugs on board 🙂 )… since I am not at your home barn to witness daily feeding it is best that I don’t sign this… if you are over 18 you can sign for yourself, otherwise have a parent be your “trainer”
4) coach … this slot is optional, so we don’t need to worry about it

******* Make sure to put down a phone number that will be reachable the weekend of the event under the “emergency” section…. SUPER important!!!!
As for lingo for the entry form…
BN = Beginner Novice
N= Novice
T = Training
jr = 18 and under
yr = 21 and under
sr = 18 and over
O = open
A = amateur
I think that this should cover most of your questions, I’ve been known to forget important details so really call if you’re confused… secretaries really do not like bad entries 🙂
ALSO if you have not already started, it would be a great idea to look over a “rulebook”… I think they have them online www.eventingusa.com or you could also get a hard copy by request.
For instance do you know that you can now wear smooth leather half chaps? (only do this if you show them to me first and DO NOT have tall boots)
Dressage whips MAY be carried in a test, if it is not a championship class. BUT not any leg wear on your horse.
DO you know what bits are legal for dressage?
There’s TONS of rules to this sport; read up!