So have I told any of you yet that I now ride race horses? I’m not talkin the kind that are “too slow” or “wouldn’t run in company” and especially not “needing of layup”; I’m talking the real deal. OK so the honest truth is that it’s a beginning of a seriously fun way to spend the hours of 4am to noon on a daily basis and try to earn enough money to care for my up-coming super star Mr Marky Mark.

The farm I work for is called “Break Away Farm”, owned and operated by two of the coolest people I’ve meet since I’ve been here, Wendy and Travis. So far I’ve done gallops on grass lanes, hacks through the woods, and gallops on the neighboring sand oval track. Tomorrow is the big day, my first “breeze”… I’ll be sure to let you know how it all goes. SO far I’ve stayed on, despite the valiant effort of my very first mount who immediately tried to un-load me…as far as I’m concerned we’ve been going pretty fast so I think after tomorrow I might have a whole new idea of what fast is 🙂

Today I accompanied a horse to Delware Park to recieve his gate card and a tatoo…all firsts for me, did you know a horse had to pass a test to be able to participate in a race? This guy not only passed but had a super fast work time, Monday’s his race, very first one ever, he’s little and squirly.

Sunday is the big day for the three at home, Malibu was the star ride of the day, I’m quite excited for him this weekend. Charly is behaving, but him and I are definitely due for our gallop and cross country run, we feel it’s been too long! Mark is most likely going to be only doing the combined test phases, but his progress is really coming along. I think this horse needs to be syndicated out like Charly and stay around for the long haul, he’s showing tremendous talent.

Our friend and newest roomate, Meg, arrived yesterday and is a welcome addition to the team. A happy smiling face always does wonders for the atmosphere.