Hands down the best thing about fall is the pre- three day gallop sets.  Ok this is awesome because of a number of things- great grass gallops in our lovely Andrews Bridge location, awesome horses to ride, the weather is BETTER than summer, the tree leaves change and you get to partake in all of this as wind blows on your face while you sprint at fast paces for miles… or atleast go faster than in the arena for a little bit 🙂 More than that is the feeling of how happy the horses are to stretch their legs and do what they most naturally do, it’s cool, no other way to describe it.  I’m thrilled that I spent a few years training with the race horse industry to learn proper ways of fitting up a horse and how to use the land to help you.

Sabrina didn’t sell this summer, still not sure why, but I have to say I’m pretty happy I still have her.  She had her first Intermediate run back at Fair Hill and will go to Plantation Field next.  IF that goes well and if she feels fit enough I’ll be entering Fair Hill CCI ** and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be saying that! Getting a horse trained up to that level takes a whole lot of luck and good team-work.  Sabrina is a fully Havarah trained horse so I’ll be very proud to be taking her around her first 2 star.

Puttin on the Ritz is getting ritzy, better every day.  I’m anxious for 2013 as I think I’ll have another Intermediate horse and perhaps another Havarah trained horse for Fair Hill next fall 🙂  For now we’ll focus on the CIC * at Plantation Fields in a few weeks! The Klavans own this horse and Plantation will be “near” to home for them, which is exciting because they travel far and wide to support their boy (and myself!).

Right now we have probably the best looking ponies of any event barn… and when I say that I mean horses that are just adorable and PONIES that are stinking cute! Definitely give us a call if you need a mount for any one from 4′ on up!  Kynymont Connemarra’s and crosses are doing as well as ever check out the picture of Gabriella at her first BN event.

This next weekend I’ll be taking Alpine to her first training level- “Piney” came here last summer just after getting backed. It’s amazing to see how well she has developed mentally and physically.  She’s a character and tells you all of her thoughts through her lips!

Thanks for reading, enjoy the photos of Sabrina, Benny and Gabriella!
Molly Rosin