Hello again.

Thanks to everyone for your constant support and words of encouragement.

Clyde for sure has two broken legs, both femurs. One leg is broken straight across in one spot and his other leg is broken all the way through in three spots.

We know he wasn’t hit by a car as he most likely would not be alive. In addition, there were no spinal or internal injuries. Both injuries were localized to his two hind legs.

At the moment, we suspect he was attacked – by who or what we do not know.

Clyde needs surgery and Molly needs your help. The Femur surgery itself is $3,000 per leg but Molly is already $2,000 in for the emergency visit and stay. Femur fractures mean a large loss of blood, and therefore Clyde will most likely need blood transfusions as well.

In addition, before Clyde can have the surgery Molly has to pay half of the cost up front. She needs help.

All we ask is if you were planning on sending flowers, make a donation to Clyde instead. This donation will aid in his recovery.

This is a difficult time for Molly, and this is a difficult thing for her to ask, but Clyde is dear to everyone at Havarah and therefore we hope those who are part of our team, and family, will aid in making sure Clyde is jogging cross country courses soon.

To make a donation click the Donate button below which will take you to Havarah Equestrians PayPal site where you can make a secure payment, or mail checks to Molly Rosin, 350 Sproul Rd Kirkwood, PA 17536. Every bit will go to Clydes bills, nothing else!