About 30 minutes ago Molly and Bryce rolled up to the farm, Clyde in tow.

It took a little while for Molly to exit the vehicle as everyone seemed to purposely wait around to witness Clyde’s return – and therefore he received pets and sweet voices from everyone still at the farm.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Clyde. He looks GREAT!

I expected him to be under the weather, but he was happy, licking, smiling… it is incredible.

As Rob, one of the Havarah employees, stated, “you got nine lives boy!” I have to agree with Molly an Bryce – we hope he doesn’t use up any more of them.

Clyde is a fighter that is for sure. The doc said he definitely tested life’s limits and is a strong pup to make it through what he did.

While everyone here is happy to have Clyde back I think he will be missed at the hospital (of course he was the favorite).

Clyde will pretty much live inside for two weeks. He will be allowed to go outside to use the facilities but definitely no playing allowed. He is, however, encouraged to walk a little bit if he is so inclined.

He will go back to visit the doctor in two weeks and then he will begin H20 therapy.

Words can’t express how much of a toll this accident has had on everyone here at Havarah. Although he is Molly’s dog, Clyde has touched us all and is a part of everyone’s life.

Not to mention we love Molly. Seeing her as she’s been the past few days made me keep my fingers crossed that Clyde would return home as he did today – looking happy and well.

A sigh of relief was let out when I saw Molly sitting in the back of Bryce’s Lexus, holding Clyde, with a smile across her face – her baby is home. Thank goodness.

We continue to thank everyone for your support and helping Molly and Bryce make it through this week. It’s an uphill battle from here, but Clyde is a tough little guy and I have confidence he will make a full recovery.