Just wanted to up date all of Hopper’s followers. Clyde (aka Hopper) went under anesthesia around 2pm this afternoon and we received a call at 6pm that they were finished.

There was no question that this great little pup needed surgery – as you can tell from this radio graph his legs look like multiple chopsticks instead of the former strong legs that used to help him with his leaping bounds in and out of the creek and around the field on trot sets. It was a huge financial undertaking but I couldnt not give back to this puppy that has in one year given me an incredible amount of joy. Life just isnt the same without Clyde.

Today in the surgery he recieved plates and screws in the leg with one break. His other leg, the more intensive part of the surgery, had 3 breaks and needed plates, screws and wires. While the doc was in there he realized that Clydes leg was still a little TOO loose. It was due to his right ACL being torn. So that got a little mend as well.

For now they advised us to let him sleep and rest tonight. We are allowed to visit him tomorrow and at some point Wednesday or Thursday we will get to take him home! Bryce, Quigley and I are incomplete with out Baby Clyde and are all so anxious to have him here.

Clyde has lots of friends- he will need to stay away from the 4 legged ones for awhile as they will be too much for his weak body. BUT all 2 legged friends are welcome after he settles back in. I know he’s been through a lot of trauma and I cant wait for him to be back to thinking life is wonderful.

We will keep the up-dates coming, but hopefully from here forward no news is good news!

Our link was broken earlier for Clydes relief fund so we are just reposting it here. Thanks to everyone and anyone for your support, well wishes and prayers. We really do appreciate it.