Blue is apparently Charly’s favorite color, and I’m currently a big fan of his, so I’ll write today in blue in Charly’s honor! Millbrook HT, in up state New York, was a huge fancy event with the who of the who and a truely challenging championship course. Lots of terrain, very green grass and even the colorfully decorated fences didn’t stop us a bit! We were 10 seconds under the time (even with a trot down the man from snowy river hill!)… no penalties added onto our dressage score moved us from 3rd on Friday, 2nd on Saturday to 1st on Sunday… I am so extremely proud of our boy! You can look up the stats on and on that site you can find the photographer who will hopefully at some point get the pictues up, because they are super cool.

Today we did a cross country school (I took Malibu and Mark, although Mark got an educational trip from Danny not me on this one) at a facility named Unicorn. This place is owned by DuPont family… lots of history around this state! Malibu prepped for his up-coming weekend where he’ll do his first training level event… he’s pretty bright eyed and busy tailed just thinking about it 🙂 Rosella and her big boy Lance will also be heading to Waradeca with us and tackling the Sr Training level class.

I continue to learn more and more EVERY day, and I think I continue to realize that us California girls do more and more things differently EVERY day! I’m coming home for a visit the 24th – 28th of August. A short stint of fun for my best friends Baccalorette and Bridal shower but otherwise I hope to see all of you for lots of lessons and catch up time!