Well this is an exciting, somewhat sad, but most of all interesting turn of affairs for one dedicated working student at Havarah.

As you all may remember, Hannah decided to lease Zhen and in turn sell her young mare, Anna’s Band.

Anna sold today – which Hannah admits was exciting but was not an event void of tears – but to a true “first” kind of client of Havarah.

Anna will now spend her days as a Cavalry horse. Yup, I’m talking old school, Civil War, reenactment style.

She is trading in the fancy dressage braids and cross country courses for going to war, charging through rivers and standing in lines of noble horses ready to defend our country – or at least – help others reminisce in a pivotal moment in our country’s history.

How this all came to be? I told Hannah she was a lucky girl because in horses, this happens once in a blue moon….

David Milly, saw Anna on www.dreamhorse.com and called Molly with major interest. He said he was looking for a horse to do Civil War reenactments on and Molly apparently said let’s give it a go!

He came to look at Anna yesterday and Hannah said it was pretty hysterical watching Molly ride Anna around the ring, neck reining and doing all sorts of moves us eventing folk go to rodeos to see.

After countless “interesting” questions about Anna – like “has she been around many flags??” etc – it was apparent David was interested in this pretty, doe-eyed, gray mare.

He asked Molly to come by today, he wanted to bring his Captain to see this outstanding mare, but seemed to have already made up his mind seeing as he came with a truck and trailer attached.

He brought his old-school saddle to try on Anna, and she did not seem a bit phased. Hannah said she knew it was a deal when he went walking around the field, and came galloping back with a HUGE smile on his face.

So, the sale was set, and Miss Anna Banana was loaded on the trailer today and sent off to her new, and I must say rather exciting, home.

It was not without some sadness from Hannah. She sad it was sad to see her “baby girl go” but she is very excited to begin her eventing career with Zhen in Aiken (they plan to move up to novice at Pine Top!).

You may see this little girl if you visit the reenactments in Gettysburg – we are all sure she will be oh so happy with her new life and well-loved.

We’ll miss you Anna’s Band, enjoy your new home and we can’t wait to see you staring in your new role!