I just got home from a fabulous 5 day trip to Havarah’s home town… Many thanks to all the ranch owners for allowing me to continue to teach at their properties and all the work they put into them making a great learning environment. THANK YOU (Al and Laurel George, Carol Patterson, Val and Jeff, and Bill and Margaret Burton)

I will be back to coach at the November Ram Tap… make sure to have that on your calendars. Also I will be still in charge of the volunteers for the October Ram Tap, help is needed Friday the 20th and Sunday the 22nd. I would LOVE everyone that is competing in November to volunteer in October, this will help you in many ways and get you a Ram Tap buck so we can XC school!

Remember to use your friends for help while I’m gone. Our team should be a great asset to you, help someone and then have them help you… video taping is a FABulous way to improve as well.

Keep in touch!