What a weekend!


Former sales horses Beaujeste and Kynynmont’s Eminently Irish both have been living the life with respectively two fabulous junior riders.  Both competed this last weekend in the Area II training championships and got 1st and 2nd.  I couldn’t be more proud of how far both pairs have come and the best part is the horses look about as happy as absolutely possible! Olivia and Sophie, job well done and keep up the good work with your excellent teams you have behind you of great coaching and parents!

beautrainingchamps emilytrainchamps

While the juniors were off winning ribbons at the Virginia Horse Park I was at the farm in Kirkwood, PA saying good bye to Bristol Indian.  A few months back Tesla Parker came to see Bristol and it was a match made in heaven from the very first ride.  Tesla has kept Bristol with us for a few months to learn all the in’s and outs of this big scopey fellow in hopes of it being as smooth a transition for both sides.  A dream come true for a trainer/seller- it has been a pleasure working with Tesla and passing along the information I’ve learn about The Indian while I’ve had him.  


Bristol shipped off on Saturday to North Carolina where Tesla is currently based and working out of a lovely eventing facility with Dana Cooke. I will miss this horses amazing jump and larger than life character, but I know he’s got a great home with Tesla and I will be their biggest fan!

bristol-indian-cic-plantation va-xc-bristol