Today is December 5th and is the first day we’ve gotten a full white layer of snow…it’s cold, and a good day to be inside catching up on relaxation! The end of November marked my last days working for Breakaway Farm and the yearling breaking, since it’s a farm operation they basically close down for the winter and don’t work any horses. So then the question was laid out, do I try to find riding jobs (in the snow : / ) or should I get my first non-horse job and just call it a winter experience? If I was smart (and maybe I’ll get smarter in the next few weeks!) I would have chosen the second option.

Monday was my first day riding at the Fair Hill Training Center, a beautiful high end race horse training facility. I got a job to ride for a trainer named Edwin Merryman, who has so far seemed like a super nice guy. At the moment I’m just riding 2-3 horses a morning for him…which honestly has left me each day totally exhausted! Today was my first day breezing at the track, I’ve breezed before but it was on a farm and on young horses that weren’t really all that fast yet.

I think that if I wasn’t worried about my frozen hands the whole time, I would’ve realized how totally cool it was that I was riding a horse that was preparing for a race and we were flying. However, instead, I was praying that I could keep him from pushing the other horse over the rail and that I could finish the breeze without letting go of my reins. Both things got accomplished, but I assure you, I was terrified that one or the other was going to take place. All in all, the trainer was happy, so I guess a job well done for the first time. I still think a warm office job is sounding really nice!