In complete contrast to my last blog up-date… the weather here is oddly delightful!
I’m still riding in the mornings at the Fair Hill training center and I’ve survived my first two fall. More importantly, I feel like I’ve acquired some excellent skills that I’ll put to work in my event riding and teaching. I feel like there’s aspects in everyone’s riding career that can’t be taught, they just need to be instilled from time doing. One thing I know I’m doing is spending time “doing”. In California I was blessed to have multiple horses to ride and great students to teach; recently, here on the east coast, I’ve been blessed with an abundance of horses to ride, strong ones, naughty ones, talented ones, green ones, and trained AS WELL as the undulating ground to gallop across and trails to navigate.
Charly has had two weeks back under tack, and I truly couldn’t be happier! Charly and Rosella’s horse, Lance, moved to a new home where we have a great indoor arena to use during the bad weather and LOTS of trails to access when the weather is good. It was a good move for all of us involved, the facility is called “Inspo”, if you get a chance you should look it up…they have some cute creatures there!
December was full of family and friends and a rest time for the ponies, it’s now 2008 and it’s time for all of us to get back into the sport!