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You can take the girl out of the country but you cant take the country out of the girl 

As many of you may know I spent over a decade managing a farm and running my sport horse and rider training business out of Kirkwood, PA.  I met amazing people, many of whom I hope to be lifelong friends. The farm and my team met quite a few horses in that time; some that developed into upper level event horses, others that became perfect AA or junior mounts and some that found their paths in other avenues. All the same, I enjoyed working with all of them and figuring out their individual needs. Some of these horses were under my care as a manager, boarding at the facility I ran, others came to the farm to be trained and sold, but many were with me for an extended period of time as competition mounts for myself or my students.  Having that relationship with the horses brought me a great amount of joy (and quite the education!)  At the end of 2020 the owners of the farm decided that it was the right time in their lives to sell the farm and focus on some other family endeavors.  I’ll always be grateful for the Hulme family and their dedication to the farm and myself while it was under their ownership.

At that time I thought I would try something different and change the approach of my business.  My husband, myself, the pups and my young horse moved to the Delaware shore. I found a barn to board The Gonz (Maximum Quality) and I started traveling to teach at various barns in various states.  Looking back on that year, it gave me time to reflect on who I am and what makes me tick as a rider, trainer and just a a person! 

What I found was that I truly thrive off of being an integral part of a team developing sport horses and riders. However, after having trained in Kirkwood, Pa with the access to Andrews Bridge hunt land and the community we were surrounded with- I was worried that I might never find a facility and an area that felt like “home” again.  I love using natural terrain as a part of my training; whether that be on a hack through the woods or riding with a student side by side out in the open. I feel like the horses and us riders gain so much from adding this into the program.

LOW and behold it happened.  IT IS HAPPENING!

In a few days time I will be moving to Virginia to join Phyllis Dawson and her team at Windchase Farm.  So the girl is heading back to the country 🙂

Windchase farm is a dedicated sport horse breeding and training facility right in the heart of Area II Virginia eventing.  The farm is situated on over 200 acres of amazing terrain, plenty of hacking, LOTS of cross country training, a dressage arena, an outdoor jump arena and an indoor.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to once again be engulfed in my passion and amongst the likes of Olympian Phyllis Dawson and her team.  This facility has all that I was hoping for and so much more – in addition to that you can’t beat the views!

I look forward to all the new horses, clients and friends I’ll be able to meet BUT also really hope to see many of my current friends and their horses too!  Plenty of training (and fun) to be had in VA ….so I will see all of you there!

The Gonz is pretty excited about all the Va grass!

This year for the MKE Aiken 2017 season we were lucky to take with us great horses and equally as interesting 2 legged helpers 🙂


In December of 2016 Teagan Przyborowski came to MKE with her fancy, big, and athletic Irish horse, Master.  With less than 2 months in Pa to get accustomed to our program, Teagan made the trek with us to Aiken to be part of the core team to care for, train and ride the 14 horses we took down for winter training.  Aiken is always an exceptionally busy time and this year was no different.  Having said that I feel like we accomplished as much or more than ever; all of the horses gained a ton of experience and came home in great health.  


We have all grown quite fond of this girl, and I think it’s safe to say she made some life long friendships.  I look forward to seeing her off and about about shows and for training sessions and am proud of her for heading home to take care of the all important scholastic education!


Some quotes from a few of Teagans co-workers and buddies 🙂

“The girl is small but mighty; a very talented rider who can ride anything!” Emma O’Connor

“Despite how long or grueling of a day she had, Teagan always found a way to make it a good time. Not only could she be very focused and determined, she taught us all that every now and again its good to unleash the silly side out of us!” Katie Mays

“So thankful she gave Rio his daily jelly beans” Carsan Rucci


If the quotes don’t give you a good enough image of Miss Teagan I think these pictures should speak volumes!  A great tail braider, a very good friend, and a true horse crazy kid…




What a weekend!


Former sales horses Beaujeste and Kynynmont’s Eminently Irish both have been living the life with respectively two fabulous junior riders.  Both competed this last weekend in the Area II training championships and got 1st and 2nd.  I couldn’t be more proud of how far both pairs have come and the best part is the horses look about as happy as absolutely possible! Olivia and Sophie, job well done and keep up the good work with your excellent teams you have behind you of great coaching and parents!

beautrainingchamps emilytrainchamps

While the juniors were off winning ribbons at the Virginia Horse Park I was at the farm in Kirkwood, PA saying good bye to Bristol Indian.  A few months back Tesla Parker came to see Bristol and it was a match made in heaven from the very first ride.  Tesla has kept Bristol with us for a few months to learn all the in’s and outs of this big scopey fellow in hopes of it being as smooth a transition for both sides.  A dream come true for a trainer/seller- it has been a pleasure working with Tesla and passing along the information I’ve learn about The Indian while I’ve had him.  


Bristol shipped off on Saturday to North Carolina where Tesla is currently based and working out of a lovely eventing facility with Dana Cooke. I will miss this horses amazing jump and larger than life character, but I know he’s got a great home with Tesla and I will be their biggest fan!

bristol-indian-cic-plantation va-xc-bristol



CHECK out the following video footage

The Diesel Boy and Molly Kinnamon at the Fair Hill International CCI 2 * October 2016 – Dress – XC – SJ


On behalf of The Diesel Boy and myself I wanted to share some of great moments we had at the 2016 CCI 2* in the Fair Hill International last week.  I have now had the honor of riding this special horse for the last 6 years and he is truly family to me.  I had so much confidence going into each phase at the FHI, much because of the partnership that has been created between The Diesel Boy and myself. A very wise man reminded me a few weeks ago that the most important thing we can have is trust in our horse and the our horse trusting us. All the time spent developing this was well worth it, there wasn’t a horse I would have rather been on than my Diesel Boy!

In 2015 The Diesel Boy and I completed the CCI 2* at Fair Hill- but we did so out of his pure joy and excitement for the sport.  This year I had a knowledgeable partner; still eager and agile yet now he’s confirmed at the level in his mind and his body. We had a nearly flawless XC trip until something odd happened at the last fence, but nonetheless with Leto’s cat like reflexes this didn’t hinder us from crossing the flags and THEN jumping a double clear on Sunday!

I plan to let The Diesel Boy have a little R&R and brainstorm with my coaches to create some goals for the 2017 season… and beyond!-hopefully if all goes well we’ll be seeing some blue numbers in our future!  

Many thanks to the team behind The Diesel Boy and I – including but not limited to

  • The DZL Syndicate members; Ron and Densey Juvonen and Robyn Weaver. Coaches
  • Phillip Dutton, Lauren Sammis, and Richard Pickens.
  • The best ever equine health team of EVC- Dr. Kathy Anderson and Chuck Arensburg AND CCFA headed by Steve Teachman.
  • The great barn manager Katie Mays.
  • Support crew/carrot deliveries etc – Sabine, Dr. Steve B., Betsy and my great hubs Bryce.
  • THE SPONSORS THAT MAKE THIS POSSIBLE! Nunn Finer – Triple Crown- CWD- Charles Owens- Ecogold – Kerrits – Omega Alpha



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